Making my way through Gondola Square this morning I counted no less than 5 couples locked at the lips in what seemed like some lingering love from last night’s Valentines Celebration.  It seems that being in Steamboat Springs at this time of year gives a warm feeling to all of our hearts.

Not one to miss another wonderful morning of hitting the slopes, I jumped on an early chair and made my way to the Sundown side of the mountain.  The first few turns of the day seemed a bit more cautious.  Last night’s chill put a tad bit of glaze on the groom which sped my snow-sunk arcs up to Ted Ligety speed.

But as the morning moved along, the air seemed to warm and I anticipate some soft snow by this afternoon.  Groomed trails like Rolex, Storm Peak Face, and Lower Vagabond were amongst my favorites.  The trails were mostly smooth with an absence of deep corduroy lines.  But prepare to experience some softer piles built up along the trails by the end of the day.


With the combination of Valentines Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras we are seeing a lot of outdoor enthusiasts on the slopes this week.  That said, this would be the perfect time to brush up your skier/rider etiquette and prepare to be patient with your fellow guests.

Look Uphill

In terms of mountain activities, there are some very cool things planned to celebrate a Colorado style Mardi Gras Festival.  The good times are ready to roll with Creole Dinner Specials at Hazie’s tonight (top of the mountain dining) and a Country-Cajun music at the Bear River Bar & Grill Monday from 3:30-6:30pm.  ‘Fat Tuesday’ in Steamboat brings with it a Mardi Gras themed Happy Hour at BOTH the Bear River and Cabin (in the Steamboat Grand).

So enjoy the mountain this week and remember to give that special someone in your life an extra show of affection today.  Because who says that Valentine’s has to be a one day event?


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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