Good morning from another snow-globe day in Steamboat! If yesterday’s snow conditions were described as creamed corn and pea soup, today is a crushed velvet type of day. Four inches of fine snow felt like magically and effortlessly flowing along a moving carpet of plushness.

After a week away in sunny Arizona, I was delighted to come home to snow walls and barely visible fences every where I turned. I was eager to get back on the mountain, and I couldn’t help but celebrate getting to take my powder skis with me today. 

Plenty of powder at the top of Three O’Clock

There’s really nothing quite like the feeling of riding the chairlift while listening to the echos of hoots and hollers coming from delighted skiers and riders. Even though we’ve had plenty of those days already this season, they never get old.

Bottom of Twilight to Daybreak always a favorite

I joined in as I made my way into Twilight and down to the bottom of Sundown Express. My new favorite run of the season is a groomed Rolex. Today was incredible. Not only was the powder a perfect float, you could feel the soft corduroy under foot after a fresh groom.

Bottom of Daybreak looking pristine
Bottom of Daybreak looking pristine

Reeling from my skier’s high off Twilight, Daybreak and Rolex, I made my way to lower mountain for more of a challenging run. For some reason, I really wanted to see what kind of shape Concentration was in. I have grueling memories of growing up as a Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club kid and training giant slalom down this technically demanding run. Those were the days that the trail occasionally got groomed. Today, that’s no longer the case. Much to my delight, it almost seemed as though lower mountain may have received slightly more snow than upper mountain. The bumps down Concentration were soft and supple with the powder giving even more forgiveness.

In my admitted selfishness, I’m enjoying a slower week on the mountain. You have runs and chairlifts to yourself and can ski from Priest Creek to Pony Express in no time at all. Even better yet, there’s more snow on the way!

Keep doing your snow dance, wear your helmet and give a random hug.

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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