OK mountain mamas, moment of truth:

Just when you think you’ve mastered motherhood, your child decides to throw you a curve ball. If I’m honest, I have yet to truly figure this whole thing out. For a person who’s life has been one of focus, goals and tangible benchmarks, managing life with a free-spirited, strong-willed little lady can be challenging. I don’t know why I’m surprised. I probably gave my parents the same run for their money.

Here’s my preface to my mommy blog: I am absolutely NOT an expert, but I hope to share my honest experiences with you. We are all in this wild adventure together, and something so chaotic is better enjoyed with a friend.

Popsicles for breakfast
I always prided myself in believing my child would have protein shakes for breakfast filled with fresh fruit, almond milk, chia seeds and some kind of humanly harvested GMO-free protein. Sadly,  those dreams recently have been shattered. Lately, we’ve resorted to popsicles for breakfast. Yep, popsicles. Welcome to life with a 18-month-old. What was delicious yesterday is suddenly absolutely disgusting today. So you roll with the ever-changing palette and give your child a popsicle for breakfast Everyone is happy — kind of. Let’s just not talk about lunch.

Highchairs are for dummies
My daughter has never been one to follow the norm. This is not limited to the highchair, otherwise known as the torture device. Yes, if you’re looking for some good birth control, join us for dinner and you will enjoy life with a toddler who HATES doing anything conventional. We’ve become creative and have taken full use of our outdoor furniture. We’re currently enjoy fabulous evenings outside on the loveseat feasting on mac and cheese and corn dogs. It’s summer at its best.

Even rocks need kisses
For all the nuttiness that has ensued with our daughter, Freya, there has been an amazing amount of love and unending kisses. These kisses are not reserved for only mom and dad but rather for the pavement, rocks, shoes and wildflowers. Once I got over my concern of germs, I realized this is the beauty of life! Innocent bliss in the small wonders of  the world.

Our kids teach us so much about life. Whether it be patience, simplistic joy or appreciation for the little things, we’re all becoming better people. I am continually amazed by this journey. I look forward to sharing it with you.


Caroline Lalive Carmichael moved to Steamboat with her family in 1995 and joined the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. After one season, Caroline was named to the U.S. Ski Team and competed for 13 years, attending two Olympics. After retiring in 2009, she returned to Steamboat as a coach. She and fellow Olympian Nelson Carmichael were married in 2012 and welcomed their daughter, Freya, in 2015.