There are a few things that go into building up a great base of snow for riding. The first one is pretty obvious, you need snow, and lots of it. With 265.5″ falling so far, we have plenty. The second part of the equation is cold enough temps to keep the snow from melting. While it might have been a bit warmer than usual during that last storm, we have returned to our typical mid-winter low temps this morning. So even though the negative temps sting a bit on your exposed skin, they are a good thing for the conditions under your board.

The storm that came through over the weekend dropped over 30″ of fresh snow at the resort and a whopping 51″ of snow up on the passes. Totals like that are great during the storm, but they are just as fun after they have been groomed into the runs. The corduroy this morning was crisp and easy to carve on because of the great work done by our grooming crew. As always the best move to start a sunny day like today is to go to Sunshine lift and enjoy the first rays peaking over the Park Range.

leftover snow in Big Meadow over the weekend

Now that the sun is up and warming the whole mountain, I would recommend switching over to the north side of the mountain to find the leftover pockets of deep snow. There are always good stashes in Closet and Shadows, so it’s worth a look in there if you are in the mood for some trees. If you are looking for more open terrain, head to the top of the mountain and check out the conditions on East Face and North St Pats. You probably wont find any untouched areas up there, but the elevation and cold temps keeps the snow nice and soft up there.

As the day goes on, the sunshine should bring the temps up to the upper teens on the mountain. Combined with the intense sunshine at 10,000 ft it should be a pretty nice day to enjoy the view and stop off at one of the on mountain restaurants for a bite to eat and a beer. Savor the sunshine while it lasts because another storm is moving into the valley tomorrow followed by a few more on the weekend and into next week.