With sunny skies and warmer temperatures, it may feel as if we’re coasting towards spring, but don’t forget that March can often be one of the snowier months in Steamboat if the weather patterns align. Usually March brings quite a bit of sunshine to the Yampa Valley, along with snowfall, so let’s call it “Coasting into March.”

Views of Rainbow, the Yampa Valley and the Flat Tops from Four Points Lift

Clear and beautiful skies have prevailed so far this week in Steamboat, but after the nine inch snow report on Sunday, the morning corduroy has still remained in great shape. Typically in March, if clear skies prevail, the temperatures overnight will firm up the snow a bit, especially first thing in the mornings, and often the best turns can be found around 11 a.m. As we continue to coast into March, this is something to consider when deciding what time is best to take some sunny and soft turns.

Early morning corduroy on Moonlight

Wednesday morning corduroy made for smooth and easy turns all across the mountain. The sun’s rays warmed up the slopes on the “sunny side” (the Sunshine Peak area) to make for those smooth and velvety turns that our knees especially love, while the chilly shadows allowed for faster turns on the north and west-facing slopes. Depending on your preference, you could either choose to chase the sunshine or chase the shadows, or perhaps even a little bit of both!

Chasing shadows on Eagle’s Nest

According to Joel Gratz, Thursday will bring snowfall to Steamboat (potentially up to 8 inches if the storm aligns perfectly) before drier weather returns to the valley Friday and Saturday. He is predicting up to four different storms March 9-20 on his Steamboat Daily Snow report, so don’t get too used to these warm and sunny skies because they may not last too long; but do get out and enjoy some sunny groomers while you can!

Sunny skies and warmer temperatures amount to March fun in Steamboat!

As I write about coasting into March, perhaps the best way to do just that is by taking an exhilarating ride on North America’s longest coaster, right here in Steamboat Springs! The Outlaw Mountain Coaster stretches 6,280 linear feet (well over one mile) and descends more than 400 vertical feet.

The very top of the Outlaw Mountain Coaster as seen from Christie Peak Express

The Outlaw Mountain Coaster rises up to 40 feet above the ground and follows winding dips, waves and 360-degree turns as you plummet back towards the base area.

One of the last 360-degree turns on the Outlaw Mountain Coaster, closer to the base area

As a mom of two boys, coaster rides are something we try to fit in most days that we ski together as a family. My older son is approaching 53″ in height, and soon will be able to take to the track on his own. For more information including rules, hours and pricing, please visit Your Colorado Mountain Coaster webpage and get ready to buckle up!

Coaster rides are a family favorite!

With a snowy forecast on the way for tomorrow, I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy some sunny groomers and perhaps even some sunny coaster rides as well!

Moonlight corduroy facing the sunlight Wednesday morning

Ski and ride with care (and with your mask properly on) and have a great day on the mountain!

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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