It’s cold up top, the snow is soft, flakes are falling, and it’s another incredible powder day. Is it February or April? Feels a lot more like early February than April 14.

It took some time to get the 2017-18 season rolling, but once it got going this spring, it took off. We’ve had incredible snow in March and April — exactly what we needed to end the season on a high note. Today, we took a few laps through No Names, hiked over to Pony, and took a few more runs down Shadows and Sideburn. The snow was perfect everywhere we pointed our skis.

It’s been a pleasure writing about our slice of heaven. Steamboat is a special place winter and summer. Whether we like it or not, tomorrow we’ll hang our skis and wait for the lifts to start turning again next November.

For now, we’ll ride bikes, float the river, listen to music and enjoy friends along the way. Steamboat is home to some of the best tree skiing you can find, but any local will tell you they stay for the summers. It’s all about the cool nights and warm days under beautiful bluebird skies. As sad as I am to end the ski season, I’m equally excited for summer.

Enjoy your last turns, ski ’em hard, and we’ll see you next winter. It’s been a pleasure.


Garett Mariano, Alpine skier

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