I know that every destination on the planet has “blue skies” above. But there’s just something about the specific shade of blue you see in Colorado on a day like this that just seems special. Dare I say superior, in my humble opinion. So while the uniqueness of the sky’s blue hue can be debated, one thing is for certain, skiing in Steamboat today is near perfection.

There was a nip in the air when I first set out today. Overnight temperatures fell to the single digits which left the snow dry and crisp. The groomed corduroy of Vagabond was sleek and held my edges nicely. As the early morning sun began to dance its way across the trails, the snow remained soft and light.

I missed the opportunity to enjoy yesterday’s fresh dump of snow so I was pleasantly surprised to see plenty of remnants left over. Off the top of the Four Points lift, skiing between Sunset and Rainbow, I found a ton of fresh snow I could play around in. The overall dryness of the flakes allowed me to make incredibly precise turns and slice through the clumps without a care. Today you’ll find plenty of stashes tucked all over the mountain so have fun and explore the terrain beyond just the main groomed trails.

An inversion of weather (where it’s actually warmer up top than it is at the base) is happening today, but temperatures are still a bit chilly. So this is the perfect day to use those glove liners or neck gator you’ve had stashed in your jacket pockets. As I’m heading back out there, I’m already planning to take a few warming breaks at places like the Four Points Lodge or the new Timber & Torch. Fueling your body, warming up those toes and hydrating are some good habits to get into, especially when conditions are cold. But the sunlight above and the immaculate blue sky should keep you smiling the entire day through.

Enjoy the beauty that today has to offer. Happy Trails.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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