First tracks on the mountain today was like someone cracking open a bottle of Korbel and dumping it on my head. The Champagne Powder® snow was so incredible that I couldn’t help but let out a glorious yelp or two as I skirted my way through untracked terrain.

Storm Peak Express lift opened for the season today, which gave those fortunate enough to ski and ride this morning some first access to runs like Closets and Shadows. These always seem to be the premier trails that get the most publicity. After a few trips down myself, I can report that it’s justified. Upper shin- to knee-deep powder could be found on all sides, and last night’s 9″ dump at the summit was elegantly resting atop a total accumulation of over two feet.

As I progressed through several laps down alternatives like Sunset and Rainbow, my legs began to burn. Even with all the preseason biking and cross-training I was able to squeeze in, I’m still amazed at how quickly I can get worn out. Good thing my morning Lifty bagel sandwich and coffee were still working to fuel me on.

And speaking of champagne and the “celebration season” in which we currently find ourselves living, I figured I’d share a site I recently stumbled upon. If you’re looking for some incredibly delicious ways to toast and cheer, check out these yummy delights you can try at home.

Looking ahead at the forecast, I see some more snow in our immediate future. The skies over Steamboat are still drizzling as we speak, and if the accumulation in my driveway is any indication, I think this weekend is ripe for some immaculate turns. Stay tuned for new trails and lifts opening daily. This time of year begins to feel like Christmas on the mountain almost every morning. So enjoy the gifts of snow and have a great weekend.



Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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