What a magical day to be a powder shredder in Steamboat! It’s deep and wintry out there. Not much need for words as the pictures, smiles and energy in the air tell the entire story of today.

My first runs off Sundown Express were as great as the biggest and best powder days all season. Light and fluffy, no wind and bottomless float greeted you with every turn no matter where you chose to ski or ride. The spring crust was barely evident under the reported 10 inches — certainly not enough to make an impact on your champagne-schussing enjoyment.

Mobbing pow on Twilight

Fresh tracks through Twilight, Rolex and 2:30 trees started my day, and then I made my way over to White Out for my first run of the year down the famed bump run. Only on days like today will I consider skiing some float-worthy powder bumps. They were as good as it gets.

Pristine Bar-U-E liftline
Pristine Bar UE lift line

I rushed to beat the crowd up Four Points and enjoyed another fresh run down Cyclone and in and out of Bar UE lift line. At the bottom of Buddy’s Run, I watched as the lifties used the snowblower to clear out the loading area of Bar UE lift.

Snowblowing clear Bar UE lift

Maybe the best run of the day was first tracks down Vortex. Steep and deep had me shouting with glee along with the people overhead cheering me on from Storm Peak lift. I chose my final run to be Ted’s Ridge, which was surprisingly almost already skied out. I will admit that the snow was slightly heavier and not as deep on lower mountain. Not a huge surprise.

Up top will be phenomenal all day long. There’s plenty to ski off Morningside, Storm Peak and Pony Express alone! Enjoy another powder day in the Boat!

Stay safe, stay warm and stay smiling!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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