The sun is shining, winds are calm and it’s a beautiful morning to be out on the slopes. It’s a quiet Monday after the Winter Carnival festivities, and a perfect day to carve some groomers and get your daily dose of vitamin D. We also happen to be kicking off Random Acts of Kindness Week. Sunshine and spreading the love seem to go hand in hand; maybe you can come up with a creative way to make someone smile, especially with Valentine’s Day just one short day away.

Riding Thuderhead Express

Temperatures will reach the balmy 30s today and the snow will continue to soften as the day goes on. If you are up this morning, the slopes are softer on any runs facing the sun or those on mid and lower mountain. As the day goes on, the snow should be soft all over, and you can’t beat the sunshine and panoramic views.

I decided to search out the perfect slice of groom this morning the way we searched for stashes of much-anticipated powder yesterday. I’ll take a healthy dose of morning corduroy over coffee any day of the week.

View from the Heavenly Daze

I started on the slopes off Sundown Express, where the groomers were a little firm, but carvable. It was smooth sailing with the right side of Sunshine Lift Line and Rolex to myself. High Noon to One O’Clock to High Noon was the morning kind of smooth that rewards you for early rising and rallying to the slopes.

Some of my favorite pitches of the morning were the way from Elkhead to Lower Rainbow and Lower Rainbow, where you could find the perfect consistency in your corduroy, soft enough for your edges to sink into, and set up enough to carve. My other little favorite was Bashor Bowl, a short and sweet few turns through the soft untracked lines. Heavenly Daze and See Me were skiing great, and will only get better today.


Yummy corduroy

On my way to check out some lower mountain turns, I ran into Mike and his beautiful Husky, River. The pair hasn’t missed a day of mountain trekking on Mt. Werner together in three years. That’s impressive in itself. You may see Mike in the early mornings, skiing down the Daze with River in his arms. It’s an act of kindness that ensures River will be hiking for many years to come.

Mike and River enjoy the mountain together

While I know about random acts of kindness, I didn’t know there was week devoted to in until I saw it on my calendar. The idea of having a Random Acts of Kindness Day originated in New Zealand and has since spread and turned into a movement. I experienced an act of kindness while trying to travel back to Steamboat in the epic I70 windstorm last Thursday night. When gusts blew debris so strong that it shattered three of my car windows and those of many other drivers, Ian from Kremmling offered me a coat to protect me from the prospect of glass in my lap and got out of his car to direct me back down the on ramp to safety. Really it’s the little things.

Which brings me to Valentine’s Day. Little gestures that don’t cost a penny go a long way. There are also many Steamboat stores to help you celebrate and make your loved ones feel special if you are so inclined. You can get beautiful and unusual bouquets at Tall Tulips, a great card at Lyon’s Drug, some delicious homemade toffee cooked up by Daniela at the Homesteader, even some fancy underthings at Gigi’s Closet. And that’s just to name a few. Do your shopping today, so you don’t look like you thought of it at the last minute.

Be kind and enjoy the sunny slopes!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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