Something about pristine snow falling from the sky brings out the inner child in me. Hitting the slopes today, I couldn’t help but stick out my tongue in delight as I playfully caught many a flake in my mouth. Yep, it’s a powder day in Steamboat.

My first tracks on the hill this morning were laid into the side of Three O’Clock. In all honestly, I was a bit apprehensive at first. It’s been over a week since we received any substantial accumulation of fresh, so I was concerned my run might feel a bit crunchy underneath. But to my surprise and delight, the slopes are forgiving and quite fun. As I gracefully glided myself over and down the mountain, I couldn’t help but giggle from my inner belly. This is truly a fantastic day in Steamboat, and here I was at the epicenter of joy.

I skied a few more runs on the Sundown side of things and found Rolex to be another tremendous choice. Though it was left ungroomed overnight, the fluff cakes of fresh powder made every turn a soft reminder of deep days gone by. The tracks left ahead of me by other skiers and riders gave the trail plenty of contrast in an otherwise soft-light morning.

I was fortunate to have grabbed the third or fouth chair of the day on Morningside and only saw the footsteps of two others as I hiked my way up to North St. Pats. The powder definitely dumped and stayed here last night. As I plucked a path through the trees and natural obstacles, I consistently plowed through 6+ inches of pow. I felt the spray of Champagne Powder® against my legs as I turned and burned. Seeing that no other skiers had picked my line yet was a sheer delight and a definite perk of being up on the mountain early.

But don’t fret, there are plenty of fresh lines out there for you to explore. Grab your equipment and join me. Get out here and experience Steamboat for all it is: a winter wonderland of playful excitement.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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