Here it is just the first weekend of the season and we’re already skiing loads of fresh powder. Today’s conditions were nothing short of fantastic for where we are on the calendar.

The upper mountain was open with a lot of great options from the top of Storm Peak Express. Cruising down Buddy’s Run, I found a plethora of neat little stashes along the skier’s left edge. A few dips in the topography on this side of the slope lend well to a handful of bumps and jumps. With the softness of today’s snow, splashing into a fall wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (kind of fun, if you ask me).

Probably the most memorable run of the day was on White Out. Filled with deep, although somewhat heavy, snow in every direction, plowing my tips through the piles of white brought a wide smile to my face. I had the pleasure of skiing with my 9-year old today and the depth was about knee high for him. Watching him plant turns while laughing with glee was something I’ll not soon forget.

Many of the groomed runs including Rainbow and Heavenly Daze seemed to have quite a bit of newly fallen snow on them. The skies above are still dropping some good precipitation so conditions are improving every hour. We are definitely off to an incredible start to the season.

So get out there and enjoy it today. This is the last “first-Sunday” of the ski year, so make the most of it.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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