Warm sun, bluebird sky and fresh corduroy are helping us kick off another fun week here in Steamboat.

The mellow weather and lack of crowds early today gave this Monday a very relaxing feel on the mountain.  Some days there is a rush to hit as many runs as you can as quick as possible, but today was simply casual cruising on the fresh groomers.


As the warm rays of sun slowly spread over the mountain this morning, I let my skis make wide turns across the corduroy as I kept my eyes on the awesome views that surround us in the Yampa Valley.  From Rabbit Ears and the Flat Tops to Hahn’s Peak and the Zirkels we have some magical terrain to feast our eyes on while enjoying fun turns at the ski area.


We spent most of our morning on the sunny side of the mountain while things warm up out there opening up more terrain choices.  There are some varied conditions to be found on the mountain today; runs that see a lot of late afternoon sun were a bit firm this morning, while north facing runs were chalky and actually skiing pretty nicely.  The sunny side runs that see the early morning rays were starting to warm up offering good carvable turns.  The best runs we had this morning came from the shaded slopes like High Noon, Rolex, Cyclone and Centerfield.  The weather is promising some very comfortable conditions today, so the entire mountain should be coming into shape as the day goes on and the sun lights things up.

Trail sign

There is some possible snow in the forecast over the next 48 hours, so do your snow dance and make it a good one… but enjoy playing in the sun while it is smiling down on us.

Pick of the mountain today is lower High Noon – surprisingly good conditions with chalky and carvable snow that you can sink your edges into.

Have a great day out there!

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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