I feel like a broken record these days: The skiing is perfect! Get up there! Don’t forget to smile!

But in the middle of a season like this, what more is there to say?

Truly, the skiing today is perfect, and there is something for everyone: The groomers are skiing like smooth baby powder, powder piles are smearable like a predictable groomer, trees have plenty of pockets of deep, and the sun is throwing postcard-perfect vistas up for your viewing pleasure around every corner.  It’s not too cold for your nose, toes and fingers, but it’s just cold enough to keep the snow happy.  Every corner of the mountain is offering up soft fun in our winter wonderland.

The skiing is perfect! Get up there! Don’t forget to smile!

There’s even a cool new category of skiing available today:  nature groomed.  This is when the wind blows on fresh snow and buffs it out into a pseudo groomer, but you’re still carving turns into deep snow.  You can find it on runs up high on the mountain that got the most wind effect: Three O’Clock, Centerfield on Storm Peak Face, Sundown Liftline.  As you get lower on the mountain, you arrive back into powdery bumps that are still fun even though my worn-out legs start looking for the break of a true groomer.  It’s fun to explore and see how the weather transforms our mountain each and every day.


The skiing is perfect! Get up there! Don’t forget to smile!

Yesterday was a rockin’ powder day, which I love and revel in.  But that much snow, that many people, and that challenging visibility isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Today is a whole different kind of rockin’: It’s the perfect Monday to wrap up a long holiday weekend.  Folks are relaxing over breakfast before heading to the hill, so the morning was quiet and pristine.  More snowy weather looks to be on its way, but for today, we get a nice break from it, a chance to catch our breath, to enjoy the sights and to play.

And in case you’re too worn out to ski today, there is the awesome spectacle of the Cowboy Downhill. The boys of the ProRodeo are out in their finest chaps and hats, strutting their stuff before throttling themselves on the race course.  (Although I guess compared to throttling themselves on the back of an angry bull, ski racing and their epic crashes are  a walk in the park.)  The party starts at 11 a.m.,  the race is at 1 p.m., and there is a Walker McGuire concert at the base area right after.  Awesome people watching.

But don’t forget: The skiing is perfect! Get up there! Don’t forget to smile!


Happy Martin Luther King Day, skiers and riders.  Enjoy your day, whatever you do!

Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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