February has been good to Steamboat Resort, and it shows! Today, we are seeing a quick break between storms, so head up to the mountain and enjoy the sun and soft snow. There are plenty of stashes of the TWO FEET of Champagne Powder® that fell over the weekend. Go on your own powder treasure hunt. We’ve received 52.5 inches of snow at mid-mountain and 54.5 inches at the summit since Feb. 1, and it is all out there for you to find!


Sub-zero temps overnight kept the snow so light and fluffy. I didn’t have to look very hard to find untracked power stashes in the trees across the mountain. A trip through the trees off Vagabond first thing was a fun way to wake up the legs. I was pleasantly surprised how deep the snow is back in there. You have to go a bit father into the trees to get the goods, but the goods are there. Trust me.

There is really something for everyone today. I stopped to watch the racers zoom down Vagabond in their speed suits. Pushing themselves, these ladies sped through the course with poker faces. The last storm left the groomed runs perfectly soft enough to support those edges at top speeds. If you are out on these clear days and want to go fast, don’t forget your face mask – it’s chilly out there.

It is days like this that I live for. Bright sunshine, happy skiers, strong legs and fresh snow. Gorgeous views of the valley floor fill my goggle lenses before I focus on the snow below my skis. A top-to-bottom Upper and Lower Valley View made my morning. The cool wind pressed against my cheeks as I carved enormous S-curves underneath the gondola. This Steamboat classic is in primo shape for fast turns and pressing glass first thing in the morning.

There’s more snow in the forecast starting tonight and continuing through the weekend. There are only seven weeks left in the season, so get it while the gettn’s good!


Carpe Diem,

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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