Santa left us with one last little present this morning. There is beautiful fresh snow on the mountain, and it is still sprinkling some light flakes as I write this. I hope you will make it up on Mt. Werner today for some holiday remnants. There are 7 new inches of snow and a trace since the mountain opened, and it made for a beautiful ski morning. It is chilly up there with the summit temperature at only 1 degree, so wear your gators and warm layers and get up and enjoy!

Frosty trees

A run down Huffman’s and a little powder pitch to Sundown Express had a surprising amount of light, fluffy snow first thing. From there, I tried the top of Three O’Clock, which was a little wind affected with a crust underneath. Anything groomed was skiing great. I had freshies down Two O’Clock, and Sunshine Lift Line was super smooth to Rolex, which was groomed and super velvety! You could find some nice pockets in the trees, where you didn’t have any crunch underfoot, but the wind did get to most of this side of the mountain.

Freshies down Rolex

The best run of the morning was in Shadows and Closet, where the snow was deeper and the turns were smooth for the most part. I popped out to the lower part of Sunset, where you could feel the bottom under your skis.

The report from my other half was that East Face is knee to thigh deep (wahoo!) and to stick with slopes that are east or north facing as the snow is in better shape. Wherever you choose to go, please pay attention to the closed signs and stick to known terrain. Nothing puts more of a damper on a fabulous ski vacation than an injury or being lost in unfamiliar tundra.

Sundown trees

That said, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend, whether you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah or just your own special version of livin’ it up! I heard on the news that this is only the fourth time in about 100 years that Hanukkah and Christmas fell on the same day. I like the idea of everyone celebrating their own traditions simultaneously, and what better place to do it than here in Steamboat Springs.

My final run down the Heavenly Daze to See Me was so beautiful, with patches of blue poking through the clouds and the snow so soft and carvy underfoot. If you have the day off or can sneak up for a little post-holiday powder, I highly recommend it and am looking forward to the next storm, which could be as early as tomorrow night.

View from Heavenly Daze


Be safe and enjoy the slopes!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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