Another beautiful bluebird day in the Boat today! Lather up that sunscreen, put on a light coat or no coat at all, and go make some springtime turns because it is locals sunbathing weather out today!

Don’t forget, Thursday half-price demo’s at the yurt (top of gondola)! It’s a great day to try out some new carving sticks.

I waited until 9 to hit the mountain today to let the snow warm up a little, and oh baby what an absolutely beautiful day. As I write this, it’s currently 32 degrees with a blistering high today of 45! I might need to break out my authentic snow dance costume, light a fire, and do a full-blown snow dance tonight, drums and all, as Steamboat is starting to feel like spring outside.

The groomers are in great shape, and the carving is great this morning. My friend and I took a handful of cruiser runs, then decided to go on a little adventure from the top of the Morningside lift and hike to the radio tower to hit North St. Pats. When we reached the top of the radio tower, the begging birds were chirping like crazy. My buddy didn’t believe they’d take food directly off his hand, and it only took 30 seconds for him to have a big smile on his face as they landed for a quick snack.

I dared him to put one in his mouth to see if they’d take it. They came in close for a couple looks but never did take it directly from his mouth, I would have loved to have caught that on camera!

After playing with the birds at the top of our our short hike, we shot over to North St. Pats. It was great to have a steep, challenging run with some drops. The views of the valley from the top of Mt. Werner never get old.

It’s not a powder day, but there were a couple fresh turns to be had, and last time I checked, it sure beats working!

I do love this time of year, part of me is in panic mode because the mountain closes in a little over a month, which is the one time a year I actually feel like crying. The other half of me is embracing the warmer weather, sunshine and times skiing with good friends.


All smiles,

Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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