While today is another bluebird groomer day in Steamboat, a snowy week ahead is in store, so get out and soak up some of that Colorado sunshine while you still can!

A smooth and grippy blanket of corduroy on Buddy’s Run this morning

A 21-degree inversion from the base to mid-mountain made for quite pleasant temperatures higher up on the mountain this morning. Driving my kids to school, temperatures along the river dipped into the negatives, and the base area was only a chilly 8 degrees. After a quick ride up the gondola and a 2,180 foot increase in elevation, the mid-mountain temperature was a toasty 29 degrees. Even the summit this morning was quite pleasant at 21 degrees.

Eastern views from the top of Storm Peak

You could feel some occasional gusty breezes whipping around the mountain, and Steamboat is expected to see 18-28 mph winds throughout the day today. As the temperature warms and the winds increase, you can certainly feel a winter storm on its way.

New features this year for park skiers and riders between Buddy’s and The Ridge

In the past week, Steamboat has received nearly two feet of snow, which has contributed to a solid 55″ base at the summit. Groomed trails like Buddy’s Run, Drop Out, Longhorn and Cyclone were smooth and fast early this morning. Occasional firm patches did exist (especially on the steeper terrain), but overall, smooth and grippy corduroy blanketed groomed trails on the mountain this morning.

The sun slowly rising on a blanket of smooth corduroy

Despite the fact that the holidays have passed, there is still a lot of fun energy in Steamboat with the 35th Annual Musicfest that’s going on until tomorrow at and around the base area. Check out Steamboat’s Events Calendar for more information on the lineup and full schedule.

Rough Riders Basin is perfect for kids and those still young at heart!

Bluebird groomer days are great days to get out and take some turns with a friend. Yesterday, I took my youngest son skiing and we ran into a friend of his on Why Not. Watching two adorable three year-olds ski together, trying to hold hands, finding all of the fun animal signs that are along Why Not and occasionally trying to give each other a hug (and subsequently crashing, of course) was, not to sound too cliche, priceless.

My youngest son skiing with a friend Tuesday afternoon on Why Not

Whether you’re 3 years old or 80 years old, I hope you can find the time to get out and take some sunny turns with a friend before the snow settles into the valley for the week ahead. For more information on the forecast, please check out Joel Gratz’s Daily Snow report. Ski and ride with care and have a great day on the mountain!

Northern views from the top of Buddy’s Run

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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