With so many storms coming through steamboat in the last few weeks, it’s started to feel like we were never going to see the sun again. But now that the latest round of snow has moved through, we can actually see exactly how impressive the snowfall was. The season total is almost up to 300″, which puts us on track to have an above average winter. But you don’t need me to tell you that, you just have to look at the mountain.

The temps at opening were pretty cold, but now that the sun is out the weather on the mountain is quite pleasant. There is still a bit of an inversion and a noticeable drop in temperature as you come down below Christie peak, but that should warm up by early afternoon. The upper mountain has already warmed up into the teens, so if you plan on riding up top you don’t need as many layers.

The snow was excellent out there today. The groomers have been refreshed by the recent snows and the leftover powder is deep and soft. There will always be some untracked areas up in our marquee tree runs under Sundown, but the best place to look today will be the lower mountain and Pioneer Ridge. While the main runs were tracked up on Pony, the trees had lots of soft snow and you get great views to town and the north.

The trees serviced by the pony lift can be a little tight, so I would only recommend them to advanced riders. If you are looking for something a little more mellow try out the Weasel Trees on the right side of the Teepee on Vagabond. These glades were created when the beetle kill deadfall was removed from the mountain a few years ago and usually hold snow for a long time.

Weasel Trees as seen from Pioneer Ridge

It’s hard to go wrong out there today. Just enjoy the views, the sun and the soft snow. With the way our winter has been going, the next storm is just around the bend.