The Skies have been blue and the weather has been dry the last few days, so it’s groomer time in the Boat. Most of the mountain is open now so you have your choice from a big variety of different groomed runs to choose from today. Since I was up early and the temps were pretty frigid down low, I chose to start my day with some Sundown laps.

Since the base is still a little thin out there, the conditions on the runs can vary a bit depending on the aspect and angle. The turns at the top of High Noon were perfectly smooth and soft, but as you got a little lower there were a few rough patches to watch out for. The better option on this side of the mountain is to either cut over to West Side/Rolex for some steeper turns or cut off on 1 O’clock since it has a little better coverage.

I didn’t make it over to Sunshine today, but the runs should be in good shape since they aren’t quite as steep and can be groomed a little more consistently. Tomohawk is always a crowd favorite for this area since the trail winds around and has lots of fun little rollers to play on.

Even though the valley is still pretty chilly, the best turns of the day were easily on Vagabond. There was sun on the upper section this morning and the snow was grippy and soft enough to make big Super G turns across the face. Although the visibility dropped off as you went into the shadows on Lower Vagabond, the conditions just got better. The lower face was bump free with very few hard spots.

It looks like we will have partially cloudy skies today, but another storm will start to move into the valley tomorrow afternoon sometime. It’s hard to tell just how much snow we will get, but Thursday should be our next chance for a powder day. So get your legs warmed up for the next few days and pray for snow!