After a stormy cycle and some very cold temps, the bluebird groomer days have returned.

Yesterday morning, the temperature in the valley was in the single digits while the temperature at the summit of the mountain was in the 20’s. Today, the difference was a bit less extreme which made for a very pleasant morning on the mountain. Day’s like today are best for staying on the runs, practicing tricks and enjoying the sunshine.

Skis carving on groomed run

I spent most of my morning on the Sundown side of the mountain, since the runs over there warm up first. High Noon was wide open and perfect for huge DH turns all the way down to Rendez-Vous. There are still some creases and bumps on the run to watch out for, but for the most part it’s perfect for carving. West Side is nice and smooth so you can keep your speed up all the way to the bottom without having to worry about a stray mogul. One of the nice parts about this area, aside from the wide runs, is the view you get across the valley to the Flat Tops wilderness. At around 12,000 ft tall, they dominate the southern view and catch some really dramatic light in the mornings. 


With such nice weather, today would be the perfect day to get that awesome mountain picture for your Facebook profile. While there are plenty of great places on the mountain to get your picture taken, the best view is at the very top of the mountain. You can choose between views of the Zirkel range to the north, the Never Summer range and Rocky Mountain National Park to the east or the Gore to the south. No matter which way you face, you get a view of Colorado like nowhere else. Beware that there are no blue or green runs down from there unless you hike back up to the top of Storm Peak.

After you’ve had your fill of runs and views, head down to the base area for a free live show from the Dirty River Boys. With awesome harmonies and a raucous stage presence, these guys will be rockin’ out in Gondola Square at 1 p.m. as a special bonus from Music Fest. So enjoy the sun, grab a beer at the Umbrella Bar and get down this afternoon.

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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