The last few weeks have brought the best conditions of the year and really jump started our season with multiple feet of powder. Since snow doesn’t fall on sunny days that means the valley has been mostly socked in with clouds since January. With the clouds clearing after the weekend, we are in for a few sunny days and more comfortable temps on the mountain. Even though I would prefer another snowstorm, it’s nice to take in a view and enjoy the sun for a bit.

The morning started out with a pretty heavy cloud inversion, so I waited a bit to head up to the mountain so the sun could burn off the mist and warm things up. The colder temps last night left a pretty layer of surface crystals on the unpacked snow that really sparkles in the sunshine. Even though most of the fresh snow from the weekend has been skied off, the groomed runs were nice and soft because of the extra base. My first runs down Storm Peak Face and Rainbow were soft enough to dig my edge in but firm enough to really carve with some speed.

I knew that the groomers would be nice today, but I was surprised to see that there were some pretty good leftovers from the storm in the trees. I was hesitant to take a run through Closet this morning, but impressed by the conditions. The snow was tracked up, but the areas in between the tracks were still pretty fluffy. So if you take the line in between the lines you can still get fresh turns in there. Another great place to check today will be the trees to the skiers right of 2 O’Clock.

It looks like we are in for several sunny days in a row this week, so take advantage of the nice views and the runs towards the top of the mountain. They will stay colder with the warm temps and should stay soft until the next round of storms comes in on the weekend. Whether you are enjoying a beer at 4-points or hiking up to East Face, the views today should be spectacular.