With over a foot of fresh snow in the past four days, Steamboat’s slopes are not only smooth, soft and dreamy, but they are also the definition of perfection. Reading someone else’s descriptive words can help to paint a picture in your mind, but seeing a photograph that captures the essence of that perfection turns a painting into a reality.

Wednesday morning perfection on Flintlock

Riding up Sundown is always a treat in the early morning. Looking back at the Flat Tops shining brilliantly and looking up at the morning sun carefully peeking through the massive and snow-dressed evergreens is a magical sight that easily sets the tone for another amazing day in Steamboat.

Beautiful views of the Flattops and Rendezvous from Sundown Express
Massive, snow-dressed evergreens beside Sundown Express

First Tracks was pure bliss this morning with immaculate corduroy dressing the sparkling, sun-kissed slopes in the Sunshine Peak area. Slopes like Flintlock, Quickdraw, Tomahawk, High Noon and Sunshine Lift Line were all smooth, fast and fun, shining bright in the morning sun.


Another component adding to Wednesday morning’s perfection was the fact that there were no crowds, just a few other skiers and riders here and there. With Colorado’s big, open skies, it was easy to feel as if you were the only one on top of this dreamy, amazing world.

Solitude on High Noon

Seeing the fresh snow gently sitting atop the branches of Steamboat’s pine trees, I was curious to see what skiing in the trees might be like. Dipping into the trees, I found some soft, light powder stashes here and there, but everywhere seemed to have great snow, even if it was a bit skied out.

Nice snow in the trees, powder stashes to be found

The trees between Quickdraw and Flintlock have a little surprise awaiting skiers and riders: the Sunshine Olympian Trail. Ski into these mellow trees and discover a trail of signs featuring some of Steamboat’s best known Olympians. With the 2018 Winter Olympics only 15 days away, now would be a fun time to ski or ride the Sunshine Olympian Trail and learn a little bit about some of these incredible athletes who call Steamboat home.

The Sunshine Olympian Trail

On Saturday, don’t miss the Olympian Send-Off at 5 p.m. in Gondola Square. Past Olympic medalists will join the stage with this year’s Olympic athletes for a fun and warm send off to PyeongChang, South Korea. The event will feature fireworks, a flag parade, music and lighting of the 15-foot Community Cauldron, providing fun for kids and adults alike!

Beautiful views from the top of Sunshine Peak

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, alpine skier

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