The term “bluebird day” gets thrown out a lot around here. You know, those days when the sun seems to poke its head out early and warm the sky quickly. Those days when it seems you can do no wrong because the glorious mountain air is all around and the blue skies seem endless. Well, today is one of those days.

Ripping over the corduroy of Tomahawk and Sunshine Lift Line was utterly amazing today. My body cast long shadows to the west as I glided over what I’d call some perfectly packed, fast snow. Finding an edge wasn’t a problem as I scurried side to side down to the South Peak lift. From there, I found Rolex to have been groomed overnight, and what a thrill to sink first tracks into the professionally manicured lines.

Having sprung our clocks forward by an hour last night, it seemed much more quiet and peaceful on the trails this morning. We early risers were treated to some glorious runs down lower mountain trails like Vagabond and lower Concentration. The snow had an icy glaze to the surface, but things are warming quickly. I predict that by day’s end, you’ll see some soft, spring corn snow all around.

Make sure to lather up the sunscreen today. Don’t forget that life in the Colorado mountains puts us that much closer to the sun’s rays, and protecting ourselves from skin burn is a must. If you need any help mapping out your day, be sure to pop into the Welcome Center in Gondola Square. Look for those helpful folks in yellow jackets to get the skinny on just about anything you need.

Have fun today and enjoy spring skiing in Steamboat.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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