The top of the mountain was socked in, and the total at the snow stake was less than 2 inches, but somehow the conditions this morning on Mt. Werner were pretty good. You don’t always need a big snow total to enjoy yourself snowboarding. Sometimes, it’s the cumulative effect of a little snow every day that creates good conditions. So even though there wasn’t a foot of blower powder this morning, I had a great time out there.

Look at those fancy new skis!

I went up with First Tracks to see what the runs in the Sundown area were like first thing in the morning. It seems like the groomers made it to this area about halfway through the night because there was a little over an inch of snow on the corduroy. This creates a nice floaty feel while you are carving, but it’s still firm enough below to dig in on your turns. The first run down Two O’Clock was nice and soft with just enough snow to cover up the bumps and keep the groomed snow from getting icy.

A stampede of shredders

After a fast lap back down to Sundown, we started making our way down the line with runs down One O’Clock, Rolex and West Side. Even though the visibility was a little low, the runs were in great shape, so you can still carve pretty fast from edge to edge. The best runs I had were in the O’Clocks, but if you are in the Sundown area, you should get at least one run down Rolex, one of our steepest runs. When it’s groomed you can turn it into your own super G course.

Soft turns on One O’Clock

I didn’t venture into the trees today, but some of the upper mountain trees might be worth a run or two as the day goes on. It was dumping snow when I left the mountain, and these squalls are supposed to keep moving through the valley all day, so we might get enough snow by this afternoon for some powder turns. So if you are up on the hill in the afternoon, take a look at any of the north-facing trees like Triangle 3, Diamond Hitch and anything up top at the gates.

Getting radical on Rolex

On my way home this morning, I decided to take a right turn off Heavenly Daze and give Ted’s Ridge a shot. While it looks to be in good shape, there are a few surprise bumps and rough patches to deal with. So if you want a nice, fast groomer on the lower mountain, stick to the Daze or Vagabond. Every day on the mountain is different, and sometimes numbers don’t paint the whole picture. So go take advantage of the last gasp from this storm cycle and rest up for the next round coming this weekend.

Dan Tullos

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