If you read the mountain conditions report yesterday, I wrote that winter snow was trying to hang on in the spring air…. and today I think spring has finally taken over.  The temperatures couldn’t be any nicer, the sun is shining bright and it is officially spring break in the Boat!  It’s a perfect day to throw on some sunscreen, grab your sunny goggles & a light jacket and head to the mountain for some spring skiing.



The wind is calm, the sun is bright, the temps are warm…. I would call that a recipe for a perfect day of spring skiing in Steamboat.  It looks like we are in for a very nice day of weather before a light amount of snow might skip over our zone tonight to hopefully freshen the mountain up a bit.  While you are enjoying a cold beverage  on the 4 Points deck today, maybe do a lil snow dance and see what it does.




Compared to just 24 hours ago, I would say the snowpack has shifted some.  There was a bit of winter hiding in the snow yesterday morning, but today I would say it reflects spring conditions.  But fair enough because after all it is well into March on the calendar.  Although with the sun shining bright over the ski area, the snow is quickly warming up softening up all the runs.  We found the best early snow to be on north and northwest facing runs such as Rolex, Buddy’s Run and Cyclone.  South and west facing runs could use a little time under the sun before the edge of your skis will sink in to the snow, but should be excellent skiing mid morning.




There is no better place in Colorado to live the spring break lifestyle than Steamboat.  Beautiful scenery, warm temperatures and 3,000 acres of skiing all for you.  Get some sunscreen on and head to the mountain and get ready for a real good time in the sun.


Pick of the mountain today is Cyclone: With a northwest facing aspect, the snow was in good shape for some early turns.


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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