It’s a powdery time of year in the ‘Boat, skiers and riders!

In the continued spirit of Thanksgiving, I am working on being grateful for everything in my often crazy life: the fairly good, the not so good and the truly awesome. Some things are easier to be grateful for than others.  For example, I am beyond grateful for the way I get to start my Monday mornings. I have switched up my Straight Talk day this season, and so far, Monday rocks.

It feels great to be on the mountain. It has snowed every day since turkey feasting, and the 3.5 inches reported overnight is skiing soft and powdery. My legs are doing pretty well at keeping up with my grin. It is fun to see familiar faces on the gondola, on the slopes, and tired and happy at the bottom. It is still only November, and I’m skiing powder on runs like Tornado, Hurricane, Surprise and Cyclone.  It’s not hard to be thankful, Steamboat Springs!

The mountain is shaping up beautifully.  First run down Rudy’s is perfect corderoy with a few inches of uber fluff on top, Buddy’s is getting nice and carvy.  All just setting you up for dipping into some ungroomed soft bumps.  There are lots of early season willow bushes to avoid for sure, but the opportunity to feel the float and get my heart beating on my first few days of skiing is pretty unique.FullSizeRender

After the long holiday weekend, most folks are getting back into the grind, heading to work or home after travelling. If you have the flexibility in life, get back up here! Tell your boss that it will increase your productivity to take a long lunch or an extended weekend, or that you’re “working from home.” The hill is quiet, the snow is still falling, the lifties are psyched to be back at work, and the consistent new snow is starting to pile up, untrammeled, turning into legit powder.  It is truly one of my favorite times of year. The new season is upon us, everyone is excited and refreshed, and the craze of the holiday season is taking a brief pause.

It’s not hard to be thankful, Steamboat Springs. Though I now have to go get a cavity filled.  Really working hard to be thankful for that. I guess I am grateful to have access to good medical care? Yep, still thankful. I’ll just close my eyes and relive my powder morning while they drill away.


Happy Monday! Talk to you next week but hope to see you up there long before!


Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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