I guess it all depends on whether you like it cold, fluffy and deep. I heard it all morning: “Best Day of the Season!”  With 15 inches falling at the summit in the past 24 hours, today was fantastic, no doubt. I got super lucky and hit 3 O’Clock with only one other track on it, and I definitely had my best run of the season.

Today is a great day to do your research on which runs were groomed during the past few days.  Runs that were groomed last night don’t have much new snow as we only got 5″ at mid-mountain after the ski area closed for the day.  (Pah, only 5″?  Two weeks ago, 5″ would have been cause for major celebration.  My, what a difference two weeks of snow cycle makes.)  Runs that were groomed Monday night, however, made for super creamy groomers underneath a foot and a half of snow.  So lovely.

I’m a tree fan, too, and they didn’t disappoint today! Twilight trees, the vast triangle of trees between 3 O’Clock and 2 O’Clock that is also called 2:30 trees, skied the best it has all year. There are certainly bumps under all that new snow, but they are soft and the visibility is great, so you can see what’s coming and plan accordingly.  The hounds are getting after it, so the uber fresh turns are going to be harder to find later in the day, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tracked up snow — it’s actually skiing great.  In some cases, it’s even softer than the purely untracked as I think this super light snow is benefiting from being a bit knocked down and packed into the existing snow surface.


I think the runs that are slightly more north facing and accessed by Storm Peak lift may be a bit better skiing, if we’re really getting down to it.  Better being fairly bottomless rather than sweet softness on top of a few surprisingly firm moments.  I only skied one top-to-bottom run, Storm Peak Face right down the middle, which was super fresh and buffed smooth by high winds yesterday, on into the gully side of Hurricane. The gully side is the left side of the run, and it often has a bit more snow in it as the winds tend to load it up nicely.

The bottom of the ski hill leaves a bit to be desired after the powder morning going on up top, but really, that’s kind of perfect too as we’ve got a few hundred rockin’ racing kids running gates on Vagabond, and they don’t wanna mess with all this snow piling up on their course.  As your powder-weary legs send you down the mountain for the day, cruise by the race to watch these up and comers hurtle themselves through space.  Truly inspiring.  We’re hosting the Alpine events of the 2015 Junior Nationals Championships on Vagabond today and on Sitz/See Me on Thursday and Friday. For more info on the championships here.

Yay powder! Thank you, snow gods! The forecast storms were late, but they did deliver.  Have a great Wednesday,


Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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