It’s that time of year again! As you are dusting off the cobwebs on your equipment and gearing up for a new season, there are some important precautions to take before hitting the slopes:

First, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no critters who might have found themselves a home during the summer months. Following the creature check, put your boots on and give them a try prior to those first turns. You can even do this for a few days building into some good tolerance. Additionally, this will give you an indicator if there are any issues with your liners which might include wrinkles or hot spots. Another important aspect of comfortable feet include properly fitting socks. Your sock selection can greatly impact the overall fit and comfort of your boots. Try a few different thicknesses and styles to see what best suits your feet.

Bindings are key to keeping your knees and other joints happy and healthy. When your skis sit idle, it’s common to have some rust build up. Beyond the rust, having your binding DIN checked is top priority before those maiden runs. Take your skis into your ski shop and have your bindings checked. Bring your boots as they will need to make the final checks with sizing and settings.

While you are you having your bindings checked, it’s wise to have a tune on your skis, as well. As rust can be an issue with bindings, it definitely can wreak havoc on your edges. Having a preseason tune will give your skis the much-needed love they require. After all, tuned skis definitely make life better while carving your way down the trails.

These are three simple steps to ensuring your first moments on snow are memorable for all the right reasons!