It’s been storming in Steamboat the last several days. Off and on for the last 72 hours, we’ve seen a strong mix of snow and rain. But good for us, it’s been nothing but white stuff in the sky at higher elevations. So my first tracks of the day were padded by several inches of fresh snow.

Since it’s April and temperatures are generally warmer, the snow is a bit thick. Lower mountain runs like See Me and Voodoo have been blanketed by a layer of frosting with the consistency of hand-whipped vanilla cream cheese glaze. As I rocked my body from edge to edge I could feel my legs getting a workout, which they desperately need in preparation for biking season. Therefore, I elected to take several subsequent runs so I could really feel the burn. The All Out run beneath the Christie Peak Express lift is open to the general public today. This trail is normally reserved for race training and is perfectly maintained as such. What a thrill it was to glide with speed and experience the thrill of the downhill.

There was no issue with keeping my skis floating on top of the trail’s surface today. This type of snow gives quite a bit of loft to one’s sticks, and this was no exception. But as I made my way around the resort this morning, I could still feel the groomed surface underneath the newly fallen layer of white. So it was a great mix of being able to hold an edge while feeling the packed foundation below. In the distance, I could see the clouds beginning to disperse, so I’m hopeful for a sunny afternoon to cap the weekend.

On my way back to HQ, I was willingly lured toward the sample tents you’ll find in Gondola Square. This time of year seems ripe for our partner vendors to gift our guests with free samples and a glad hand. Today, I was treated to a full can of Zero Sugar Monster Energy Drink, and it was exactly the boost I needed.

Ahh, springtime in the Rockies. With a combination of fresh snow and sunshine on the horizon, it really doesn’t get much better than this. So let the countdown begin. Just one more week of skiing Steamboat before the 2017-18 season comes to an end. Go get some!


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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