You never know how winters in the mountains will turn out from year to year. Sometimes they come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Sometimes they are great from start to finish, but more often than not, there will be a lull in the snowfall at some point. After breaking my ankle in mid January, my season appeared to be going into an indefinite lull and unfortunately for the rest of you the snowfall did the same. I can tell you after my first day on the mountain in 6 weeks, that WINTER IS BACK BABY!

The first thing you will notice up there is that the snow is nice and thick, so any bumps and icy spots are well covered. With the help of the last few snowfalls we are back to winter conditions and its riding really deep. It also fell mostly in the evening so if you have a chance to get on something that was groomed last night you will be in for a treat. I came down 2 O’Clock for my first run and was treated to 7-8 inches of creamy powder on top of a perfectly groomed base. Don’t worry if you are getting a late start though, snow like this stays soft on the bumps even after it gets cut up by the morning rush.

After getting after it on the open runs to start the day, I would recommend heading into the trees. Shadows was a bit deeper than the O’Clocks this morning and will take a lot longer to get tracked out. I didn’t make it over to the Storm Peak side of the mountain, but the skiers right side of Closet should stay good for a while as well as the edges of the runs below 4-Points lift. I’m normally not down on the lower mountain early enough on powder days to get many good runs, but Valley View was great this morning. If you want some good lower mountain powder this morning I would try out Teds Ridge, Concentration and any of the lower mountain gladed areas.

Still Storming up there!

There are a lot of great things to do in Steamboat during the winter, but riding the mountain is why most of us are here. So after an extended hiatus it feels great to be back up there in the cold mountain air. So make the most of days like today because you never know when you will be on an unintended  “break”.

Thanks to all of my fellow Mountain Conditions bloggers for covering me while I was limping around town.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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