Puppy frolicking in snow. My puppy, nine years ago. It’s his birthday next week, so I thought I’d share a little archive of Newton’s cuteness.

And if that didn’t get your attention, perhaps the best way to get yourself some solid winter action is to lust after summer. Start thinking tropics, and snowmageddon will surely deliver. Wish for a little heat, and you’re going to be chopping a lot of wood to keep from freezing. Dream about surfing, and you’ll get to go skiing.

Think hard about this lovely black sand beach in Hawaii …

… and this powdery gloriousness on Storm Peak is sure to appear!

I’m going to confess something, folks: I am blogging from the Galapagos this week, while praying to Mother Nature for snow back home in Steamboat. I’ll kiss a blue footed boobie to make the gray jays appear for your entertainment on the Morningside lift. I’m absorbing copious amounts of sun so you can succumb to winter.

You’re welcome.

Winter’s prayer flags in full effect

Selfishly, I just need the freeze. I need my neighborhood’s summer pond that becomes a late fall mud pit to disappear. Newton, my sweet golden mountain dog, does not distinguish between fresh water and stale mud. He is lounging in the muck — regularly.

I need my fresh garden soil filled with next summer’s garlic to be covered with a blanket of snow. Because, in the meantime, Newtie thinks it’s a freshly tilled sunbed.

I need the burrs and thistles to sink to the depths of winter. This beloved creature — the long hair, the doggie dreadlocks, the accumulation of sharp and pointy stickers — is a mind-boggling mess.

After a mudpit swim, relaxation in my freshly planted garlic garden

Mother Nature has dished up a hearty serving of fall. Long days of perfect hiking for me. Bonus days in the mud hole for my orange beast.

For now, I’ll be digging in extra hard down at the equator to ensure the full effect of a Rocky Mountain blizzard kicking in. And I haven’t changed my tires yet either, so the odds are definitely in your favor for copious snow to roll over Rabbit Ears Pass.

Just doing my part — anxiously awaiting the seasonal end of residing with Pig-Pen.


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