So yes, I’m happy to report that it’s once again snowing in Steamboat. As if this past week’s monster dumping wasn’t enough (note… it’s never enough!) we’re getting hit with another white, winter coating today.
Today’s flakes are small but mighty. There was a nice layer of frothy fluff on the slopes when I first laid tracks at about 8:30am. But as my morning progressed, I could see the inches begin to accumulate. It’s like someone opened a can of Dr. Ullr’s Magic Elixir and sprinkled it atop our resort. Conditions today are soft and inviting.

On a day like this, I tend to begin exploring little unknown nooks like the top part of the trail under Thunderhead Lift. I’m talking about skier’s right off Vagabond at the very top. This little powder field packs a ton of experiential terrain and drops you out at the top of Concentration, another one of my personal favorites. And if you like steep mogul runs, keep on trucking down to Mother Nature. This often overlooked starlet is a bump run that rivals White Out in every way. Tackling this one early on a day like this is your best bet to get the softest feel under foot.
Generally speaking, this is a good day to consider skiing in or near the trees until visibility clears up a tad. I still had my sunlight goggle lenses in from yesterday so perhaps my vision was overly darkened (my own fault). But with snow falling in sheets and dark clouds above, the mountain light may lead to shortened visibility in some areas.
If you enjoy free, live music at the end of your ski day, make sure to check out the tantalizing sounds of Bri Bagwell from the Steamboat Stage in Gondola Square. Bri was named Texas Female Vocalist of the Year in both 2013 & 2014 and is sure to entertain with powerful vocals and incredible lyrics.

I suppose I’ll see you there. Happy trails.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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