Once again, Steamboat woke up to a fresh dump of buttery fat snowflakes and mounds of snow on the mountain. The weekend accumulation of 14” is skiing much deeper than that considering the overall pile up over the last week. Needless to report, conditions are nothing short of spectacular.

My first few tracks were laid into the side of Bar UE Lift Line today. The double fall line angle of the run combined with soft, fluffy snow made this a real treat. I was fortunate to be sharing the experience with my son who seemed to dive right in with no hesitation. Watching our little ones get as much enjoyment from the outdoors as we do is very special in and of itself.

On our subsequent run down the hill we opted for a top-to-bottom Twister stampede. It seemed that hardly a fellow skier or rider had tackled this trail just yet because the snow was almost untracked. This left us with a load of forgiving moguls and natural undulations to play with. Stopping to catch my breath halfway down, I was quickly left in the dust by my 9 year old who continued to hoot and holler as he rushed right past me.

Near the bottom of the run we elected to pop on over to the Pony Express lift and explore Fool’s Gold. In hindsight, this was the best decision of the day. The wide open terrain and silky layer of fresh powder made this an epic experience. As we dipped lower into the trail we began to duck and weave among the trees. Here I found stashes close to knee deep as I splashed my way through it. Towards the bottom, I handed off the camera to my trusty assistant and asked him to help me document the run with a photo.

Conditions on the mountain today are terrific and I only hope you’re able to experience it for yourself. Happy trails out there. Enjoy it!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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