This season started with a roar and ended like a day at the beach, with the sun setting and a mellow mood had by all. I had some incredible days on the mountain this season as I’m sure you did too. But like any season in the Rockies, this too must come to an end.

Whether you alpine, ride or telly ’til you’re smelly, you have to admit that life in Steamboat this winter was pretty darn good. We saw a handful of double-digit dumps and some days better suited for refining our face tans. There were times spent with friends ducking in and out of the snow-covered trees and stories told on the gondola that you’ll probably never forget. But most of all, it was the unforgettable bliss of experiencing the great outdoors in Colorado that we’ll carry with us for a lifetime.

So as I look forward to how we’re closing out the resort for yet another spectacular year, I can’t help but get goose bumps thinking ahead to when The Wailers take the stage. Yep, today’s epic final Bud Light Rocks the Boat free concert features a band that once stood on the shoulders of the late/great Bob Marley. With both original members and some young reggae blood, this lifetime’s Wailers are a must-see musical treat and I’m planning to be the guy at the foot of the stage. So lace up your boogie shoes and join us as we stick the cork back in the Champagne Powder® bottle until another day.

Enjoy our final day of skiing for this winter and get ready to have some fun with us this summer. The big news for the summer is the launch of the all-new mountain coaster that will be zipping down the hillside to the delight of both young and old. I for one can’t wait.

Let me leave with a short recap of some of my favorite monthly photos from this past season. And when the heat of the sun gets to be too much this summer and you find yourself itching to ski and ride the snow, refer back to these photos and get yourself psyched.

Happy Trails and we’ll ski you next year!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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