A big, phat “Happy Winter Solstice” to you this fine day in Steamboat Springs.  And it seems that the clouds overhead have decided to crack open the Korbel® in celebration.  Giant champagne powder® snow flakes are dumping on our mountain today and conditions are getting better by the minute.

My experience this morning was that it really didn’t matter where I chose to ski.  Everything that’s open is holding shape incredibly well.  I will say that most of the deep pockets of fluff I encountered lay between the bumps on the ungroomed terrain.  That’s not to say that our groomers didn’t show signs of cushy snow blankets.  No, no… runs like High Noon and West Side were a sheer delight to plow through with my wide powder sticks.  But my highlight of the morning has to be my cruise down Rolex.  It was soft enough to let me skis do their thing without much of a worry, but bumped-out enough to hold the snow in delicate, deep pillow pockets.

Lift shack at Steamboat

As I continued to make my way around the trails today, I noticed that the storm wasn’t letting up.  Not to be too vulgar, but it seems as if Mother Nature has a belly ache today.  She’s simply PUKING snow on Mt. Werner.  This is the kind of snow day that you can easily accumulate a half inch in your lap on almost every lift ride to the top.  My jacket needed some gentle dusting as I made my way off the Burgess Creek chair and headed for Upper Valley View.  It seems as if many of our guests are opting to cruise Heavenly Daze which meant that I could sink my edges into practically untouched powder snow from top to bottom of Valley View.  It probably goes without saying, but a deep powder day in Steamboat just a few days before Christmas is just about the best gift I could ever hope to receive.

Priest Creek

So as the spirit of the Holiday Season takes over your soul, let’s remember how blessed we are to relish in the nation’s best skiing & riding.  Steamboat holds a special place in our hearts and it’s a daily reminder that a soft smile and gentle hand goes a long way in the lives of many.  So enjoy the daylight while you can on the year’s shortest day today.  I just hope that some of that time is spent sinking your edges into our mountainside.  For a day like this is designed to be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts both young and old.

Steamboat Base Area

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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