After two straight days of large powder flakes falling from the sky, Steamboat is finally getting the goods.  There are roughly 12-inches from the bottom of my ski to the top of my boot and most of the snow I crossed today was above that.

The best run of the day absolutely has to be Shadows.  I know it’s cliché but there’s no lying that the powder is completely stacked up in this area of the mountain. I’m not one to normally throw around jargon, but it was SICK.  In the trees, the ungroomed terrain wasn’t too stiff to tackle and the light, fluffy cover was enough to soften every turn.  This is one of those days that you can let your skis run a little more free than usual.  The thickness of the snow kept my legs (and speed) in control all by itself.  It was sheer bliss to once again hear the familiar “woot” and “yay hoo” from the lifts above as everyone enjoyed watching others get their share.

2015-2-22 (9)-750px

Underneath the Four Points Lift Line was also a treat this morning.  On skiers-left of the run, the powder was plentiful and hardly tracked.  Last night’s chill created snow much lighter and fluffier than some of the storms we’ve seen so far this season.  This was much more in line with the type of snow that Steamboat is famous for.  I was dancing on my heels as I weighted my sticks in a manner that floated atop our finest conditions of the season.  As I made my way over to the Pony Express lift I witnessed nothing short of smiles all around.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying the morning conditions.  Oh no… this is the type of day that everyone gets their line and then some.

Over on Fool’s Gold and Pony Express Lift Line there were so many gentle and exciting natural launch ramps in the snow that I couldn’t help but send myself airborne once or twice.  Flinging myself off one rock just below the chairs and into a helicopter spin I realized it didn’t matter if I stuck the landing or not.  The snow today was so deep and welcoming that a simple fall brought almost as much enjoyment as drifting through it.  On a day like this, there’s no harm in a “splash landing” so go ahead and explore a little airtime if you dare.

2015-2-22 (1)-750px

On the whole, today is one of those days that skiing is believing.  We’ve been waiting for the snow to stack up on Mt. Werner and it finally has.  If you have the time and the means, get here now.  Your secret stashes will probably stick around for a few days but you should never miss a chance to slide and ride Steamboat’s glorious Champagne Powder© snow.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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