Today I’m filling in for Jennie, and I couldn’t be happier than to get to be part of a weekday Straight Talk! Not only do I get to see all the Steamboat Resort employees I don’t get to see on a Saturday, I also got to see what early mornings on the hill are like during the work week. I’m an early riser, and I love to take advantage of getting to load the gondola early. Hence my more landscape-driven shots over sharing the schussing experience of others. Not that I don’t like to, but I treasure my early-morning solo missions. They are just like going to church for me!

“Here Comes the Sun…”

Last weekend I took the time to tune and wax my skis. Although we get away with not really having to do so out here in the west, it makes a huge difference indeed. A sharp edge and the correct temperature of wax makes your sliding experience that much more enjoyable. Your turns are cleaner, and you’re not fighting a sticking base. Being -7 degrees this morning and having the correct wax was paramount! If you haven’t treated your skis or board to a tune and wax, go see my friend Ryan and his crew at Edgewerks in the base area next to Gondola Pub &Grill. They’ll get your boards running fast, and give you a new perspective of skiing or riding!

2:30 delight

Since I haven’t been able to ski during all of our consecutive powder days this week, I was on the hunt for fresh tracks this morning. I love that my recent instinct is to grab my powder skis on the way out of the house, rather than my all-mountain cruisers. To my surprise, there were untouched lines everywhere I went! I began with my favorite Sunset and 2:30 trees and found plenty of boot-top Champagne Powder waiting patiently for me to pounce on. Next I went to skier’s right of Rolex, and found plenty more untouched powder. Bliss!

Outlaw fluff

After a fast ripper down Lower Rainbow, I made my way to the complete opposite side of the mountain to see what was left on the Pony Express side of the resort. I must admit that Kevin must have spoiled the secret on Royal Flush trees yesterday. Not as much powder to be had, yet I did find some great turns along Outlaw trees back to the lift.

Elkhead treats

It’s cold, fast and fun out there, friends! Bundle up and have a blast! Until I’m back tomorrow–stay smiling!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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