There’s no lying when I say that today was probably the lightest and driest Champagne Powder® that I’ve skied all season. Last night’s dump of snow left nothing but glorious, soft surroundings all around. I suppose for an accurate account of just how deep it is, you’d have to consider who you’re asking. According to the 8-year-old I had the pleasure of making turns alongside, it was knee deep.

First tracks down Two O’Clock were nothing short of divine. There was a decent amount of wind gusting at the very top of Sundown, but once we found our way inside the tree-protected area of the run, the stacked snow was deep and endless. Whisking from turn to turn was like playing in a deep, wintry wonderland, and there’s still fresh fluff falling from the sky. The trails today seem to be getting replenished just as fast as they get tracked up.

Subsequent runs down the Twilight bumps were effortless. Keeping those knees bent and skiing “by feel” is my best advice on a day where the light is just a bit flat due to the thick clouds spraying snow from above. We found some of the deepest powder of the morning about midway down One O’Clock. Even for dear old dad (that’s me), it was shin- to knee-deep snow in places.

As we made our way down today, we stopped to check out Bashor Bowl, where we found another playground of deep, barely touched snow fields that begged us to take several runs. So we skied a handful of laps until our legs were tired and hot cocoa called our name.

So if you’re wondering whether to get out there today, let me help you out: GO! Don’t think, just go. It’s amazing out there today and one of the best days of the season, in my humble opinion.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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