Today is closing day, and it’s always bitter-sweet. On the one hand, the weather is gorgeous, and there is a ton of lighthearted activity happening on and around the mountain today. On the other hand, when things come to an end, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

As the seasons change, I find myself reflecting on how great life can be in Steamboat Springs over the course of a winter. Over the past 5 months, we have experienced expanded night skiing operations, loads of free concerts on the Steamboat Stage, the return of the U.S. Freestyle Championships and a slew of wonderful days exploring the mountain.


Of course, all eyes are on the close of mountain operations today. This is the day we get to kick back with a few Bud Lights and enjoy the smooth reggae rhythms of Grammy award-winning Steele Pulse. The music kicks off today at 1pm with local favorite Yer State Birds playing the deck of the Bear River and Steele Pulse chiming in at 3:30pm.


In regards to skiing today, I’d recommend having some fun with your apparel if possible. It’s not uncommon to see that vintage ’80s neon adding levity to the mountain atmosphere on these long spring days. If you’re in a position to join the crowd, I’d recommend getting a little wild with your dress today and join the festival we call Springalicious.


But no matter how you choose to celebrate today, please take a minute to thank the hard-working folks who keep our resort running so smoothly. If it weren’t for our incredible staff, none of the fun we’ve experienced this year would have been possible, and the memories we’ve created would never last as long as they do.

Happy Closing Day!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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