Thanks to this last blast of snow, its starting to look like winter in Steamboat! The brown trees have been replaced by ghostly snow crusted ones and there is snow on the ground throughout the valley. While there isn’t any fresh snow this morning, the fluffy stuff that fell yesterday has been groomed and the way down from the gondola is nice and smooth. Most importantly this storm gave us over 8″ of snow to add to the yearly total which is looking better and better.

Man made clouds drifting around Mt Werner

The first thing you will notice on the mountain today is the cloud created by the snow guns. It hung low around the mountain until the sun came up and made for some beautiful lighting on the way down. Of course, they aren’t just running the snow guns for the ambiance. The cold overnight temps are perfect for making man made snow and should go a long way towards opening up some new terrain.

Snow ghosts from the last storm.

The combination of natural and man made snow has helped keep Heavenly Daze and Vogue in great shape for how early it is in the season. Sometimes runs can get icy when there is so little open, but not today. Even the steepest parts of the Daze were nice and soft. You can find a bit of crust though under the rollers so be careful to keep your speed in check.

Fresh snow at the top of the Gondola

Despite the frigid temps up there this morning (6 degrees) its starting to warm up and its gonna be a beautiful day up on the mountain. If you’ve got the time, today will be a perfect day for taking it easy, and getting your legs back under you. The high will be in the 20s this afternoon, so you should be able to shed a layer or two soon and soak up some of this classic Colorado sunshine.

Dan Tullos

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