Rise and shine skiers and riders. We have a fresh 3 inches of powder calling your name today! Get out there and get the goods under a beautiful, bluebird Colorado sky.

After two and a half weeks of working on my goggle tan and breaking out my spring attire, it’s back to the white room and hard-charging skiing. The new snow has a consistency halfway between Champagne Powder® and cement, so it is perfect for covering up the frozen spring layer underneath. This buttery and creamy snow made for excellent riding conditions.

Stick to the north-facing and groomed runs today.  A freshly-groomed Rudi’s Run was delightful this morning. My skis glided across buttery powder atop the corduroy underneath.  The fresher turns were better because as skiers raced down the mountain, they left slick patches behind.


At the top, I found very hit-or-miss conditions. The winds scoured the snow off the top. Skiing down the Ridge was interesting. On each turn, the conditions changed from wind-drifted soft snow to a scoured surface. After about 15 turns down the Ridge, I caught an edge and went for a spin. I decided to leave the ungroomed area and head to the groomed Buddy’s Run, which was a great idea.


The snow in the trees around mid-mountain was superb. The winds last night blew all the little snowflakes into the trees for skiers and riders to enjoy. Mid-mountain didn’t see as much wind as upper-mountain, so the runs were in better shape. The mid-mountain moguls were creamy and smooth for our expert bump skiers.


Enjoy the turns today and plan on hitting the mountain again tomorrow. Another storm is in the forecast for tonight, and the conditions should be even better tomorrow!


See you on the hill,

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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