If you like to be out in the elements, then today is the day for you! The conditions in the valley are a bit breezy and warm but you don’t have to go too far up Mt Werner to experience the full effect of this storm. With temps in the teens and winds in the mid 30s at the top of the mountain, its still winter up there. It can be challenging to find good conditions on windy days in the spring but if you look in the right places, you can find some nice pockets of powder!

Soft turns on Velvet

I was skeptical that anything above the gondola building would be rideable today since all the upper lifts were on a wind hold when I got to the base. So I went up 4-Points expecting that it would be the highest I would make it on the mountain. The cloud line is sitting just below 4-Points, so the first few turns down to Rainbow Saddle were low visibility. To my surprise, the run down Rainbow to Velvet was smooth and had some fresh snow on it to soften up the crusty stuff. I would stay away from the ungroomed runs today since the moguls will need a warm day and some sun to soften up.

Sunshine Liftline

I was surprised to see that Sundown was running when I got to the base, but I decided to take a ride to the top to brave the windy conditions on High Noon. Sometimes making it to the top of the mountain on a really stormy day can be fun to appreciate how amazing it is that we can be dropped off at 10k ft in the middle of a blizzard. The wind was howling on the open run so I decided to veer over to Sunshine lift line where I had my best run of the morning. All the snow that was blowing across High Noon was getting deposited on Sunshine lift line. The run was mostly untouched the whole way and will continue to fill in the rest of the day.

The storm is supposed to intensify a bit this afternoon, so look out for heavier snow, stronger winds and some lift stoppages. The weather has scared a lot of people off the mountain today, so the storm could be setting us up for better conditions tomorrow. The winds will die down over night and the sun should be out tomorrow so there should be a lot of leftover powder to ride on.

Staying low on the mountain

The season is winding down and it looks like we will have some sunny spring weather the rest of the week to enjoy our closing weekend. There is nothing quite like skiing and riding on sunny spring days to celebrate another great winter in Steamboat. Thanks for reading, see you next year.