The sun may be peaking through the clouds above the mountain, but make no mistake, we are back into winter! I’ve enjoyed taking sunny groomer laps with my family the last few weeks but no amount of sunshine is as good as a fresh layer of powder. It was a very chilly morning today with temps sitting between -5 to 5 at the top of the mountain so the snow that fell was light and fluffy. The official report shows 5″ but the powder cam has around 8″ and there were much deeper pockets in the trees.

I went riding first thing this morning, but a day like this can be just as good in the afternoon. The sunny skies and warm temps over the weekend might have been fun during the day, but it also left a crusty layer on the surface of the ungroomed runs. The light snow that fell last night wasn’t quite enough to prevent you from scraping the ice below the surface so you had to keep your speed in check and aim for the push piles. As the main runs on the mountain get skied throughout the day the snow gets compacted and pushed into piles that are deep enough to cover the crusty layer.

Most of the upper mountain runs were groomed last night before the snow fell, so the trees in Sunshine and Sundown area will be your best bet this afternoon for finding some soft spots. My best run this morning was riding from top to bottom on the skiers left side of closet. As long as you stay on the west/northwest facing portions of this iconic tree run, you will avoid the icy layer underneath the fresh snow. I also had good luck finding deep powder in No Names and East face since they are high in elevation and north facing.

The sun is shining right now, but the clouds and snow should move back in this afternoon. While we probably wont get quite as much snow tonight and tomorrow, every inch counts and helps to keep things soft out there. The temps will be low for the rest of the week so make sure to bundle up and bring a face covering to prevent frostbite.