You guessed it. 2015 started with sub-zero temps clear skies and crisp groomers. If this tells us anything about what Mother Nature has in store for us this year, I think it says we need to toughen up. Without mornings like this, powder days wouldn’t be as good and sunny spring days riding slush bumps just wouldn’t be quite the same. The more I ride, the more I realize that there is fun to be had no matter the conditions. So on cold mornings, after long nights, just remember that there is always something great to do in the mountains. Like these brave souls ringing in the new year by skinning up to the gondola.

This morning started as most mornings for me do, with a trip down to Four Points and a ride to the top of some of our best runs on the mountain. Most of the powder from Monday is long gone, but it’s still pretty soft out there and the temps get more forgiving the higher you go. Even without any new snow, you can really carve through the groomers and the bumps still have some push piles on them.


From the top of Four Points I decided to warm up with a run down to Sundown and the promise of a sunny lift ride to the top. From there, I headed down Tomahawk to enjoy the view and some mellow turns. This is a great place to start your day because as more and more people make it on to the mountain, Tomahawk will get pretty crowded. Early in the morning, you can enjoy the rolling terrain without having to worry as much about avoiding other riders.

After a few runs to warm up my legs, I made my way through the leftover snow in Hot Cakes and took the Morningside lift to the top of the Chutes. Most of the open faces have been skied, but if you are comfortable navigating through some cliff bands, there are still some nice powder lines left in the North St. Pats.

As one of the few people in town who braved not only the weather, but a lack of sleep to get up here early, I can say, there is no better way to ring in the New Year than fresh air and a beautiful morning in Colorado. So hit the slopes and be thankful that you get to start another year in the mountains!

Line for the gondola

P.S. The line is getting long so get up here quick!

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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