The mountain came alive this morning with Storm Peak Express and Four Points lifts running. Skiers and riders were pumped to be skiing top to bottom on new terrain. With more terrain open, it’s easy to find yourself alone as you ski down fresh corduroy.

Mother Nature seems to be taking her time with snow this season, but our snowmaking and grooming teams have been working overtime to produce incredible skiing conditions. All of Rainbow is open with good groom from the top of Four Points down to the Storm Peak Express. The far skier’s right side was especially nice with extra soft snow that allowed me to work on quicker turns.

I had the pleasure of riding up Storm with three of Steamboat’s youngest-at-heart residents. These guys were so pumped to be back on top of the mountain skiing. They chose to take Buddy’s Run while I took a right down Storm face. The face was good, a little thin in a few areas, but the groomers had done a solid job of laying out a carpet of white.

There were a bunch of kids ripping down upper Hurricane bumps. It looked fun, but I opted to take another lap down Rainbow. I did hit BC Lift Line, which was bumped out with good coverage and a few freshies left to be taken.

With cold temps and more snow in the forecast, this week will be another good one in the ‘Boat. Keep up your snow dance and make sure to hug a snowmaker.

Garett Mariano, Alpine skier

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