With little to no snow in the forecast for this morning, I was looking forward to poking around in the trees for some leftover pockets of powder. After all, we got a lot of snow over the holidays and there had to be some freshies left if I looked hard enough. But to my surprise, there was 7″ of snow on the powder cam this morning and it was a full on powder day!

With a fresh coating of Champagne Powder, the mountain is rounding into mid winter form. The temps were cold last night when it started, so it created a fluffy layer on top of the snow from the last storm. The conditions on the Sundown runs this morning were fast and felt a lot deeper than the reported totals and above Duster, it felt pretty bottomless with only a few rocks and logs poking through. The lower portion of the runs were still nice and deep, but make sure to stay light on your feet since there are more uncovered rocks down low. If this snow keeps up, our most famous tree runs should be pretty deep tomorrow morning.

If you aren’t used to riding in powder, big snow totals can make it tough to get around the mountain. Fortunately, this type of snow is really good for beginner powder skiers and boarders. Because its so light you can easily plow through it without catching an edge or getting your skis separated. If you are looking to try out riding in powder or practice on some easier terrain, I would head up to the Sunshine lift. The runs that were groomed last night will have some cut up powder on them so you can get a feel for it without committing to a steeper ungroomed run. The ungroomed runs off the right side of Tomohawk are a great place to try some steeper powder turns since they arent too long.

For those of you that are looking for the deepest and steepest runs on the mountain, look no further than the double blacks at the top of Morningside lift. North St Pats and East Face were just opened yesterday afternoon and are in great shape. Since the base up there hasn’t been packed down yet, it was about waist deep! If you are looking for a bonus run, you can take also take the hike over to Pioneer ridge on the traverse back. The Pony lift isn’t running, but the runs are soft and untracked if you are willing to put the work in to get there.

With a winter storm watch in effect until Friday night, it looks like the conditions will keep getting better and better. So bundle up and enjoy a powdery end to 2021!