In a winter like this one, it pays to savor the sunny days. With storm after storm rolling into Steamboat this season, it seems like clear days have been few and far between. While we would all probably be OK without seeing the sun until April, a little sunshine here and there never hurt anyone. So why not take this oportunity to slap on some sunscreen and soak up some rays on a beautiful day in Steamboat.

Fun on lower Rainbow
Fun on lower Rainbow

The obvious choice on a morning like today is to head over to Sundown or Sunshine lifts for the first light on the mountain. I took a great run down High Noon/2 O’Clock and found the groomer to be nice and fast but still pretty soft from all the recent snow. We have been fortunate to have low temps this winter that have kept our snowpack in great shape so most of the runs are ice free and ready to carve.

A little air on Buddy's
A little air on Buddy’s

The first run down Storm Peak Face to Sundown this morning was spectacular. Nothing but blue skies and fresh corduroy to rip up all the way down. As the day goes on, the face might get a little icy because it is so steep, so Buddy’s might be a better option this afternoon.

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After our run down the face, we made our way over to Buddy’s to catch the first rays of sun on that side of the mountain. Not only was Buddy’s in great shape, but there was almost no one on the run, and the snow-caked trees made for a beautiful ride. The wide open run is perfect for deep carving all the way down.

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One of my favorite things about riding at Steamboat is how many runs you can get in such a short time. I was only on the mountain for an hour and a half this morning and was able to get in 6 runs. Because of the high-speed lifts and small crowds, it’s easy to maximize your time on a beautiful day like today. For those of us who live here, it’s a great excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh mountain air before work. For those of you on vacation, it lets you get the most out of a mountain that you came a long way to ride. Either way, not much beats blue skies and fresh groomers in the Boat!


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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