After a great weekend of snow, I thought this storm had given us all it had. Fortunately for those who made it up first thing this morning, Mother Nature had a little left in the tank. Although 3 inches isn’t enough to call it a powder day, it was a nice bonus after the big dumps this last weekend. It all fell after the groomers were finished, too, so the conditions on the open runs were excellent.

Fresh snow in Twilight

I didn’t check the weather last night, so I had no idea we would have any snow this morning. When I woke up and saw the mountain in a veil of clouds, I figured it would at least be a few inches of classic Steamboat Champagne Powder®. There was only an inch or two in the valley, but it was so light that closing my car door shook most of the snow from my windows. While this type of snow won’t cover up any of the harder bumps, it does make good groomer riding. Since the snow came in so late, we started out with some of my favorite groomers in Sundown. High Noon was great from top to bottom this morning, but the real winner was Two O’Clock. It felt like the wind deposited extra snow on the run because it was noticeably deeper than the others. Even after it got chopped up , the conditions were still pretty good.

Stormy conditions on Sundown

After a few groomers, we headed into Twilight to see what we could find in the trees. There was a little more snow in there, but the bumps underneath were slightly crusty from all the traffic over the past few days. As long as you plan your lines carefully, there are some great little pockets of deeper snow in the trees off Sundown. The most noticeable part of the morning was how cold it was up top. The upper mountain was socked in, and it was still snowing up there when I left, so there will probably be a little extra accumulation up there for those of you who make it up later today. The sun is starting to peek out in the valley so this afternoon could be a beautiful day for exploring some of the harder runs at the top of the mountain like No Names or North St. Pats.

It looks like this storm is finishing up, but don’t worry, more is on the way. After a few sunny days, we are in for more snow from Thursday into next weekend. So make sure to get those boards tuned and be ready for another round.

Dan Tullos

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