It’s a quiet day of transition here in Steamboat.  A quick down day between storms to jump on some fast groomers and hunt down the leftover powder before everything gets filled in again tonight.  The mountain is really starting to take shape for the year, and the skiing is great right now, top to bottom.  Soft snow, uncrowded slopes and a storm on the horizon — what’s not to like?




The sun is really trying to come out today, but it’s not happening.  The cloud cover is keeping the light flat but it is the start of a beautiful storm coming our way.  The temperature is very comfortable, and the wind is calm.  This kind of weather always keeps the mountain empty, but it is a really nice day to be out!




The snow is awesome today.  The groomers are in the best condition we have seen all year: very soft, carvable and predictable.  All of the natural snow we have been receiving lately has put a nice layer on everything out there.  The corduroy on High Noon, Westside and Storm Peak this morning were simply outstanding.  It reminded me of opening a brand new tub of cream cheese and taking that first slice out of the smooth and never-been-touched goodness when the knife just cuts effortlessly through the container. No problem sinking a hard edge into the manicured lines of corduroy to carve a hard turn, not to mention uncrowded slopes, so wide turns were no problem.


The groomers were definitely the highlight of the morning, but there is still plenty of powder to be found out there.  You do need to get into the trees to find it, but I promise there is tons of it out there.  While the coverage is really good right now, keep your tips up because early season obstacles do exist!



It’s a great day to be skiing in Steamboat.  Only one week left to enjoy some serious solitude on the slopes before the holiday crowds start.  Soft groomers, powder stashes and comfortable weather made it a really fun morning in Steamboat.  While today is absolutely worth your time to get out, my eyes are on this storm that will be bringing some serious snow to our mountain in the next few days.

Pick of the day is Westside: perfectly groomed, smooth and predictable snow made for some great turns this morning.


Have a great day on the mountain and THINK SNOW!

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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